Drum and Bass label based in Ostrava Czech Republic founded in 2010 by Psyek & Negone. We focus on deeper and darker side of drum and bass. Always on a mission of showcasing local artists with a few exceptions from Japan, UK, Hungary, Brno or Slovakia. Distribution is mainly digital via your usual suspects with the occasional CD release. Twelve inch is still yet to come.

…Our roster includes the talents of Tom Small, Madface, A-Cray, Title, Razcals, Computerartist Misology, Local Heroes, Hemoglobin, Sayko, Martiner and of course Psyek & Negone themselves.

Although we are small independent label giving space to new names in the game, we are getting decent rotation on various radio shows and support from djs including Ink, Btk, Current Value, Fre4knc, Eastcolors, Dj Hype, Bailey on BBC 1Xtra, Origin Uk, Shadowbox and many others.

With the release count steadily getting to one hundred, We can confidently say that we might be here forever.

Enjoy the music and spread the word.

Thanks for your support.